Beer and Craft Beer

Please find our selection of beers and craft beers. Currently 37 beers that you can select from, below. Hopefully we will expand it soon. Who knows, Captain Caruana might yet have the best beer selection in Malta. We will see over time. We are particularly happy with the Maltese Craft beer – Gallery. Also proud of our ultra premium Kyoto Kizakura beers and the ever ground breaking traditional Theresianer. On the other side of the spectrum we have the ever popular Thai beer – Chang. Additionally one can find the more well known Maltese Farsons Cisk, Hopleaf and Blue-Label as well as some other foreign brews. We hope to continue expanding this list even further. There are some other Maltese beers that we would like to add and, well, International brews there are many many for many different palates.

What is Craft beer?

Craft beer is beer for beer lovers. Traditionally craft beer would involve as little automation as possible. Production would generally be small quantities. Often craft beers are independently owned from the large Wine and Spirit corporates. Usually the producer has a lot of pride and has taken the time to individually select the ingredients. Often these have a particular taste or even style and beer making technique, that the brewer has carefully crafted to their liking, or what they perceive to be the liking of their beer drinking public. There is a particular recent fashion on Ales and Indian Pale Ales (IPA) within the craft breweries. Though we find other lager styles and Weissbier (wheat beer) too within the sector. Such is the case with Gallery, Kyoto and Theresianer. In terms of production, the Farsons’ brands (Cisk, Blue Label and Hopleaf) may also carry the tag of craft beer, but they are not usually classified as such.
Craft beer has suffered with the Covid pandemic. With the decrease in bar sales and an increase in supermarket take home, it has generally been the larger breweries that have fared well. Therefore go ahead and contribute to your favourite pass time and let us not let this passion wither.

Styles of Beer :
The author has long been a fan of ales and IPAs, even when Ales were considered to be consigned to Gentlemen in tweed suits.
Possibly the most popular ale right now.