New Online Shop

Well, here we are. Our new online shop. After 126 years of retail and many dozen years operating between two and three retail shops.

We hope to provide the biggest selection of alcohol online in Malta and, also, of Maltese products.
There is still a lot to do. Many Wines, Whiskies, Gins, etc.. you name it. Still some photos to upload too.
We should also upload some tobacco (cigarettes, Cigars, Hand rolling and Pipe tobacco) products soon, but these will, after the Covid crisis, be restricted to customers that have been verified.
As part of our ever increasing list we currently have 656 spirits, 628 wines, 22 beers and 46 beverages (mixers, soft-drinks and juices). This will change soon enough, so please visit regularly.
That is the largest selection on the Maltese islands from what we are able to find online (there is only one other site that has a few more wines than us for the time being, but then only a few spirits.)

We would really like to hear any positive or constructive improvements that we can do both to the site as well as our selection.
Please do reach out to us for any queries.

For further information, please refer to the delivery and payments pages.

All at Captain A. Caruana and Ten Green Bottles would like to thank all our customers both existing as well as new ones.

Thanks for reading.

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