Russian Standard Imperia Vodka 70cl

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Russian Standard

Russian Standard Vodka : 100% Russian. Singular premium vodka founded by Roustam Toriko in 1998. Produced 100% with Russian iRussian-Standar-Vodka-logo-Captcaruana-Maltangredients and bottled in St. Petersburg. Made using the finest ingredients of winter wheat from Russian Steppes and Lake Ladoga water of glacial origin, with its vast granite basin, created in the last Ice Age, preserving the softness of the water. Nothing less than the finest food quality grain is selected, which contributes to the unique sensory profile and taste of the vodka. Using a proprietary distillation process (of more than 200 times) this Russian Vodka gets to state of near-celestial purity and smoothness. Filtered four times through charcoal before it really can make the "Russian Standard" Standard! The vodka passes through a final, unique process called relaxation, where the liquid matures and the ingredients. [su_spoiler title="Click to expand "]The relaxation process is critical to the final product of a super premium brand; it is where the super molecular structure is built and where the ingredients ‘marry’ each other for perfect balance, smoothness and final development of organoleptic properties. Only a few vodka companies relax their vodkas. It was Dmitry Mendleev (Inventor of the Periodic Table) in 1894 a Russian Scientist that coined the word “Russian Standard” and put the mark on those vodkas that had his ‘stamp’ of approval in terms of quality. The range of Russian Standard includes the original Vodka, Russian Standard Gold, which has notes of Vanilla and spearmint; Russian Standard platinum which is filtered as additional twice over the gold vodka. Russian Standard Imperia distilled an additional four times and filtered through quartz. When Roustaum took over the brand and launched the Imperia brand of Russian Standard he rented out Liberty Island in New york, wanting to evoke the luxury brand in a quintessentially American fashion. Captain A. Caruana customers will appreciate the super-premrium Imperia Russian Standard. More information at[/su_spoiler]



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