Mar Casar Merlot-Petit Verdot 2016 75cl

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Vintage : 2016

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Mar Casar

'LA MAISON DU VIN NATUREL' Mar Casar produces premium quality natural vegan and gluten free wines fermented using Methode QVEVRI. Grapes are grown under holistic permaculture, pesticide, herbicide and systemic chemicals free. No synthetic chemicals are used in the vineyards at Marcasar and no herbicides/pesticides. A wide variety of indigenous medicinal plants and shrubs complement the terroir. Temperature plays a key role not only when storing wine but also during fermentation. The primary benefit of using the qvevri is that the wine varies only a few degrees in winter and summer. Corks are 49mm of the best Sardinian material by Labrenta, individually checked against disease and IDcork coded. Process done under vacuum, no nitrogen addition. Not filtered, some deposit may occur. Location is the key ingredient. MARCASAR Vineyards are the highest in Malta. 235 meters above sea level, 2 kilometres distant from Lapsi and the Mediterranean sea. Terraced and south oriented with contours in the direction of prevailing winds, North and North East. Chardonnay parcel clay based soil while Merlot/ Petit Verdot in limestone soil. Qvevris at MARCASAR are hand made by George Kopadze from Shroa, Imereti with the best Caucasian clay containing large amounts of gold. silver , magnesiu  and other mother minerals. Wood fired kilns. The fields are irrigated with harvested rain water. Holistic approach to bio dynamic/ permaculture were insects remain insects and not treated as pests. Electricity is generated through solar panels and air cooling thermal conduction and wind driven turbines keeping a constant 15/18 degrees Celsius all year round. Long skin and pips contact. Indigenous yeast. Low sulfide addition. Clay containing substantial amounts of Gold and Silver. No fining additives are used, indigenous yeast no filtration, the wines shine and reflect light through a process known as ionic bonding with an underlying magnetic field. The temperature controlled Qvevris at Mar Casar allow the removal of unwanted particles in both the Amber and the reds through ionic bonding and the underlying field magnetism and create shining reflective clear wines. Magnetised wines with a strong spiritual conductivity to be enjoyed with moderation among Friends.

Triq San Lawrenz ta' L-Gholja, Siggiewi, Malta.


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