Sierra Tequila Cafe` Liqueur 70cl

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[su_expand]Sierra Tequila is made from Agaves that is produced in Desillera Sierra in Hacienda, Guadalajara. The agaves are left to grow out in the open and exposed to the sun, which gives more vibrance and vital for that flavour that Sierra is renowned for. Great care is given to throughout the Sierra production, the jimadores (fieldworkers) pick the Agaves manually by hand, maintaining their high priority of handling the agave with care, this is further noted through the fact that don't put any artificial fertilizers in the ground. Agaves are cut up by axe at Destilería Sierra and then placed in large stainless-steel tubes (autoclaves) and cooked gently. After 16 to 24 hours, the steamed agaves are taken out of their cooking pots. The fructose contained has now been transformed into sugar. Agave Tequila is not a tequila simply for drinking shots, but this Tequila can be drunk and enjoyed and savoured slowly , since it has a smooth finish. You may also decide to make a refreshing drink out of it and make a Polloma, which can be done by adding ice, then pouring Sierra Tequila and salt and squeezing lime in the glass, then fill the glass with grapefruit soda. The Sierra bottles are also sleek, bold and produces a smooth sipping experience. There are Two main types of Tequila, the Sierra Tequila silver is a clear tequila, full of flavour, hint of green apples, hint of pepper. Reposado Tequila is distilled twice and matured for 9 months, and has hints of vanilla, caramel and herbs. Reposado has won numerous awards and is a long time favourite among Mexicans themselves. More information at[/su_expand]



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