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  1. Robert

    Hi, I have been a frequent customer and I have all the receipts can I add them manually?


    1. Hi Robert,

      Sorry for the delay in contacting you. For now we dont have this function, please send over the receipts and we will add the points manually ourselves.

      Thank you,


  2. maeltokyo1

    Hello, I bought today I didn’t receive point

    1. Wines and Spirits Malta

      Dear Customer,

      In-shop purchase points are updated over-night.
      (Events are processed on reservation acceptance.
      Website visits and the like are processed immediately.)

      Kind regards,

      Capt Caruana staff.

  3. Sam

    What are the points used for? There is no option to reduce price with points at checkout.

    Don’t understand what else they could be used for.


    1. Wines and Spirits Malta

      Dear Customer,

      We often publish a rotating list of items that may be exchanged for gained points. I believe the last one was put on our Facebook page a few weeks ago. We should (endeavour to) keep this updated on the website too.
      Soon we hope to add an option to pay with points. This is still experimental and will take another month or two before going live.
      Mostly, however, accumulated points allow the customer enhance membership level, to Bronze, Silver and Gold giving increasing benefits, offers and discounts both online and in our physical shops. We should soon publish the table for reference.

  4. lvella17

    Hi I just made an order but did not receive the points. What do I have to do please ?

    1. Wines and Spirits Malta

      Thanks for raising this question since others may also be interested.
      You will receive the points when the order is marked as “completed”. This is done manually when the order has been confirmed as delivered (and paid for offline payment methods).

      Thanks for the question.


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